Trionfo di colori
Since 1961, this gorgeus paradise of colors; t-shirt, bermudas, bikini, dresses and shawls are produced and made by Mrs Luisa Barba a familiar parter ship that can suggest the right dress for any circumstance. Boutique Louise, Positano, Salerno, Via dei Mulini, 22 tel. 089875192,  (Pg. 116

EURO CLUB ott.-nov.-dic. 2003
Foto con nostra maglietta indossata da Sveva Casati Modignani. pg.29

Nuvole di colori alla moda
Selling point of Louise creations, is in the narrow road to the beach, show room window’s is always full of wearing appareil made of soft and light material with exclusif and original design.
Boutique Louise
Via dei Mulini, 22 – Positano (SA) tel. 089875192  pg.13



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Louise di Luisa Barba- P.IVA 00089930655
FACTORY: Via G.Marconi 173 Tel.e Fax. : +39 089.875.909
POINT SALE : Via Dei Mulini 22, Tel. +39 089875192 - Email:
84017 Positano Italy