Born to Shop

Via dei Mulini 22, Positano
Fabulous woollen shawls with fringes; Ken Scott-esque floral prints on cottons, original resortwear
designs that are truly special. She also sells wholesale.
Pg. 274

Lonely planet – Napoli e costiera Amalfitana

Louise (089875192; Via dei Mulini 22). The show window of this boutique is irresistibile: a mixage of gorgeus dresses, shirts and blouses and shawls, all with floral sparkling prints. This unique models are designed and made by Mrs Luisa, personification of the elegance of Positano. pg.202

Journey Summer 2002

How can you resist the la test Italian fashions in tiny boutiques that grace the hillside? Dress shops like Louise’s with her garden prints splashed on georgette jackets and evening pants, hanging from doorways and covering whitewashed walls? pg. 22


The address -  SHOPPING

Louise (via dei Mulini 22). Cotton’s bikini, soft dresses, pareos bermudas and shawl. Pg 168
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Louise di Luisa Barba- P.IVA 00089930655
FACTORY: Via G.Marconi 173 Tel.e Fax. : +39 089.875.909
POINT SALE : Via Dei Mulini 22, Tel. +39 089875192 - Email:
84017 Positano Italy